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Welcome to the realm of 'KING'—where the air is draped in a uniquely masculine, ethereal scent. Imagine a fragrance that dances in the moonlight, a calming essence that whispers away stress, creating a haven for both mind and body.

  • Base Notes: Deep and soothing woody undertones, providing a grounding and calming foundation.
  • Middle Notes: A blend of subtle musk and airy, masculine scents, evoking a sense of tranquility and relaxation.
  • Top Notes: Light and fresh hints of lavender and bergamot, offering a serene and calming introduction.
  • Undertones: A touch of herbal and earthy elements, like sage or vetiver, adding depth and a sense of natural calmness.


This candle aims to capture the essence of a masculine yet calming scent, creating an environment conducive to reducing stress and promoting relaxation for a healthy mind and body.

This candle embodies a serene and calming ambiance, ideal for creating a tranquil atmosphere perfect for unwinding and relaxation. It aims to provide a space that fosters peace and mental rejuvenation.


Burn Time: 60+ hours
Wax: 100% Soy Wax
Weight: 10oz
Wick: Each wick is individually trimmed and placed for an ideal burn
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