About Us

I feel so blessed to present Candlefetish by Shawnté Marie!
I started this company because I know the importance of quality candles and I wanted to produce high quality handcrafted soy candles that embodied tantalizing fragrances that linger throughout your space.  With life presenting new, exciting challenges every day, one of the constants in your life should be how amazing your candles smell. Whether you want to set the mood, relax after a hard days at work, or just pamper yourself, Candlefetish candles are sure to enhance the experience.
I want to do my part in make that feeling the best it can be for all!!

How it all began ...
Every month I challenge myself to learn a new skill or try a new activity that I've never done before.  One evening in January 2017 I took a class at the local community college called "Candle Making for Lovers".  Being the candle lover that I am, my goal was simply to learn to make candles and feed my obsession.  It was so much fun that I started making candles almost daily and giving my creations away as gifts.  Everyone loved them! I began getting feedback and working toward honing my craft, and thus Candlefetish began!
Candlefetish by Shawnté Marie  is everything you'd want in a candle!  Made with the highest quality ingredients, long-lasting fragrances, and most importantly, hand poured in small batches for the best quality, performance and  exclusive luxurious feeling.

It is time to get relaxed, get inspired and get romantic!
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Shawnté Marie